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CopenX Realities



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- Alexander Lopera, Psykolog og neuroanalytiker hos Neurons Inc.

- Robert Scoble, Keynote speaker på CopenX Realities 2016 og Futurist

- Stefania Serafin, Professor på Aalborg Universitet og Co-Director hos Multisensory Experience Lab



"CopenX has grown so big, and it is kind of a love story. I met BadoinkVR in the 2017 edition of CopenX and one year later we will present the results of a collaboration and common effort to understand what drives good experience in VR."

"Looking forward to come back, this is a conference for the future, great set-up and focus. It's definitely worth coming for both newcomers of VR/AR and senior professionals, and it's a great way to share ideas and knowledge."

"Co-director of the Multisensory Experience Lab has since CopenX been contacted by many companies and public institutions who would like to collaborate with us. Our students demoing at the event have also received positive and motivating feedback."

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At CopenX Realities it is possible to increase awareness, outlets and network. We regard partnership as a close cooperation, where we jointly define the opportunities that create most value for both parties.


We see partnerships as more than just booth specs and logo exposure. We want to help create an interaction with all our partners that align with their individual strategy and goals.


Therefore we highly recommend that you contact us for an informal etalk about any future partnership opportunities:



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