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Watch Nordic Talk 
Watch Nordic Talk 
Watch Nordic Talk 
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About Nordic Talks

‘Nordic Talks’ is the Nordic Council of Ministers’ concept for a global series of talks addressing current affairs that capture the essence of Nordic themes and issues. A Nordic Talk is a branded concept that helps strengthen a Nordic event.

The aim of Nordic Talks is to draw attention to a unified Nordic region that aspires to drive positive global change through Nordic solutions.


Nordic Talks are designed to INSPIRE participants and listeners worldwide on how they can ACT for a more sustainable world.

Nordic talks by
CopenX & Innovation Centre Denmark

The nordic talk is arranged by Innovation Centre Denmark, Shanghai, Innovation Centre Denmark, Seoul and CopenX, and  concerns two overall topics: Drenched in tech: Digitizing youth, and Smart & Sustainable Transformation of Cities . 

The event is hosted in VR and consists of 3x5 minute key notes and a 30 minute panel debate. The output of the event is to be turned into a podcast, produced in Copenhagen, and broadcasted to a global audience.

Smart & Sustainable Transformation of cities

Smart & Sustainable Transformation of Cities gives spotlight to areas related to smart and sustainable urban solutions and planning for transforming cities and communities to improve accessibility, inclusivity, resilience, human and environmental health.


How do we combine a digital and sustainable transformation? How can smart technology, human centered design and circular thinking increase innovation capacity, generate jobs and secure green growth?

Drenched in tech: Digitizing Youth

In a blink of an eye, COVID-19 forced us to move our life online. It changed how students are educated around the world, how we work and how we socialize. Today's technology is always with you because of the way businesses run, because of the job market, and new platforms for online interaction; a necessary condition of modern existence itself.

Although COVID-19 has disrupted many aspects of our lives, it merely accelerated a digitization development already in progress. COVID-conditions give us a glimpse at how life could change for the better - and for the worse – in the future, and constitutes a backdrop for discussing how living a larger proportion of our lives online affects our lives in the long run.

A collaboration between innovation centre Denmark in Shanghai and Seoul and CopenX. 


Hosted by
Marie Høst

Program for Nordic Talks

Smart & sustainable transformation of cities

This Nordic Talk will focus on sustainable cities and communities, and how to make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable.
Speakers are: 

Ditte Lysgaard Vind, Managing Partner, Lendager Group, Copenhagen, Denmark

Mr. Chungha Cha, Co-founder and Chair, Re-Imagining Cities Foundation, Seoul, South Korea


Drenched in tech: digitizing youth

This Nordic Talk will touch upon the side effects of online learning, and the broader consequences of digitalizing large parts of children’s lives.
Speakers are:

Kim Mouridsen, Professor at Aarhus University, Founder and Managing Director Cercare Medical, Aarhus, Denmark


Julien Bares, VP of Tencent Games, Shanghai, China

Hosted on VR platform by MEETINVR

Business meetings better than in real life

MeetinVR makes human interaction more intuitive and effective than in real life by creating a new reality through VR, optimized for teamwork and collaboration.

From the first virtual handshake, MeetinVR makes people feel that they are closer together, boosting team cohesion and engagement. The platform allows participants to perform tasks which are impossible to do using traditional collaboration solutions, such as product presentations and reviews, brainstorming, sketching and 3D mind mapping. 

MeetinVR provides a planet friendly business meeting alternative that enables participants to educe their carbon footprint with fewer business trips and international air fares. 

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