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By 2023, sportstech will have a major impact on how sports are managed, marketed, and consumed.


Sportstech will continue to revolutionize the sports industry, providing more efficient ways to manage sports performance and data, track fan engagement and loyalty, and deliver personalized experiences. New technologies such as AI, automation, and machine learning will continue to shape the way sports are managed, with data-driven decisions and analytics becoming increasingly integral to success. Additionally, the use of virtual reality, augmented reality, and other immersive technologies will likely become more commonplace, with fans having the opportunity to experience sporting events in an entirely new way.



  • International Sports Tech Eco - Systems

  • Showcase for new markets

  • Network facilitation

  • Inspiration

  • Co-creation

  • Building a global community

  • Access to our commercial team where we assist with market entry

  • Matchmaking hubs & Investors


  • 1 speak (1-2 Q&A)

  • 1 country: Hub / eco - provide guide with topics

  • 6 speakers

  • 1 high profile investor

  • 3 companies

  • 1 VC

  • 1 country



The Sportstech Week will be held over three days.


  • The 30th of May

  • The 1st of June

  • The 2nd of June


The first two days will be online while the third day will be

held in Denmark as a big fest.


The content will be introduced between ___ and ____

throughout all three days.

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