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A 42-hour intense hackathon with a focus on creating experiences and solutions toward a better climate through immersive technologies.



The products can be targeted at citizens, educations, companies or organizations - the most important thing is that they hopefully will help to change behavior so that we can accommodate some of the climate challenges we face today.

CopenX & Filmby Aarhus Hackathon is presented in collaboration with Create Converge, a project under the European Union Interreg North Sea Region VB Programme. The purpose of Create Converge is to boost the creative, digital, and tech industries in the North Sea Region.

On March 20 - 22, 2020, CopenX and Filmby Aarhus will facilitate a hackathon on how XR technologies can contribute to the UN’s Global Goals no. 13 - Climate Action.


The event brings together up to 45 international and national participants for a 42-hour hackathon. The goal is to create solutions that either (1) strengthen resilience and adaptive capacity to climate-related risks, (2) focus on integrating climate change measures in national policies and strategies or (3) build knowledge and capacity to meet climate change.


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Hackathon is an international event where all participants will work intensively for 42 hours to develop exciting and innovative pilot project. In addition to advisors who will guide the participants on an ongoing basis, we will also invite experts to bring inspiration and motivation in order to prepare and guide the participants to create the best solutions.




  • Create solutions for citizens, companies or organizations that can help improve our knowledge, resilience and adaptability to climate challenges.

  • Create solutions that can create a collective behavior change that has a positive effect on the climate challenges and thus can result in national political efforts.


The goal is to create a XR pilot project that can illustrate the potential of the solution in a playful, inspiring and intuitive way. The aim is that the winning team subsequently cooperate with other actors and collaborators to finally produce the solution so that it becomes accessible and applicable to the relevant target groups.




On the final day, the solutions will be presented to a panel of experts from the field of XR technologies. The panel of experts also acts as a jury and selects 1 winner who is honored with funds to further develop the product.




  • Venue: Børnenes Kontor Koloni, Mågevænget 2, 8330 Beder 

  • Date: 20. - 22. March 2020

  • Price: Free incl. catering and accommodation (shared rooms)

  • Max capacity: 45 participants

  • Selection & Groups: Organizers will select participants and groups (all groups will consist of 4-5 pers.)

  • NB: minimum age for participation: 18 years

Please be aware that we charge a no show fee of DKK 500 for noshows without notification. 

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At CopenX we want to engage as many people as possible in the valuable conversation and practice of present and future technologies within society, culture, behavior and business. In order to qualify implementation of technology, we create, engage in and facilitate a variety of activities with leaders, experts, scientists, business owners, production managers, and many more! All our activities are driven by a curiosity towards exploring the possibilities and challenges of Immersive Technologies such as Virtual- & Augmented Reality, AI and Blockchain. Our activities promote a hands-on approach to technology for participants as a foundation for discussing and sharing experiences toward best practice.

Read more about CopenX, please visit

Filmby Aarhus

Filmby Aarhus is the center of Aarhus Municipality for film, media production and digital experiences.

Filmby Aarhus participates in several international development projects, including The Interreg BSR projects First Motion, Cross Motion and Creative Ports as well as the NSR projects North Sea Screen Partners and Create Converge.

Filmby Aarhus' strategy, called The Big Picture, focuses on promoting the meeting between creative digital skills and traditional sectors that can benefit from using the digital storytelling in, for example, their communication.

In addition, Filmby Aarhus functions as the secretary for the regional film fund Den Vestdanske filmpulje and the West Danish part of the cluster organization Interactive Denmark, which facilitates networking and investment meetings and business development workshops for the digital visual industry.

Learn more about Filmby Aarhus, please visit




Børneriget Hackathon

Together with  Rigshospitalet CopenX developed and ran the ‘BørneRiget Hackathon’ from 30 Nov - 2 Dec 2018. A 42-hour hackathon at Flakkebjerg Efterskole aiming at developing innovative XR-solutions to change the lives of children and young people with chronic and/or rare diseases.


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