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The war for talent is raging. The companies that are able to attract, maintain and develop talent in sustainable ways are going to win. In the fast-moving knowledge economy and global markets, the price for talent is highly competitive. This involves many more build-or-hire decisions for modern companies. 


Today companies to a larger extent have to develop in-house talent. Navigating the new skills agenda entails an in-depth understanding of learning and the role of technology for business including specialized professional competencies, people and social skills. Innovation and having the right mindset to carry it out will set you apart from the competition.   

The future of learning in companies is a shared responsibility but L&D plays a central role. The whole organization is accountable for the corporate learning culture. Getting the job done and preparing for the future at the same time, will continue to be the main task for learning in any organization. 

Learning & Development has for too long consisted of classroom training, expensive MBA’s, e-learning, corporate academies etc. Future learning will be more social, more distributed, more complex and with the goal of creating impact. We see it happen in the most forward-thinking organizations now. 


This network is primarily for HR-decision makers and practitioners of learning, organizational development, leadership training, change management and people analytics. The purpose is informal knowledge-sharing that leads to better understanding, decisions and action with regards to how organizations grow, develop and achieve their goals.



The network is hosted by CopenX and facilitated by Mathias Lund Schjøtz. We will support you in your development and networking with other corporate learning professionals.  

Mathias Lund Schjøtz has a background in journalism and the media industry but turned to corporate learning and development. For the past 5 years, he worked his way through learning technology, edtech and leadership. Using this experience to consult, sell and implement learning. He is working closely with some of the best minds in technology, the science of education and business. Among his projects has been working with DTU on improving workplace learning and higher education more broadly.


Mathias combines entrepreneurship, consulting and research within learning and he is part of the Board of Edtech Denmark which he co-founded in 2018.

aug. 2021 - feb. 2022


18. AUGUST 2021


Topic: Lessons learned - how to support strategic change

Location: Copenhagen

Ditte Kolbæk, PhD, is an independent researcher and specialist in collaboration and online leadership. Ditte's personal goal is to create environments and possibilities for people to learn to make it easier for them to achieve their goals.
Ditte Kolbæk comes with an extensive background as a leader, consultant and researcher of organizational learning. Additionally, she is the inventor of Proactive Review, a method to capture insights from businesses to improve the practice and results for customers and stakeholders. 

What you will experience: 

  • A social learning perspective on organizational development 

  • How to strategize learning and make employees learning partners to the organization 

  • Concrete approaches to facilitate learning

  • How to build and sustain online learning communities

10. SEPTEMBER 2021
Digital Learning Day

Topic: The intersection between technology, learning and education

Location: Copenhagen

Digital Learning Day 2021 is a new initiative, created by EdTech Denmark, IT-Branchen and CopenX. The aim of the day is to gather all relevant stakeholders within education and learning with technology. 

There's a need for a collected and continuous development in our society, along with an open discussion about how the development will unfold. Digital Learning Day 2021 will focus on the intersection between technology, learning and education through critical and constructive lenses in collaboration with a wide variety of relevant partners.
28. OCTOBER 2021

Topic: Growing the business means growing the people - Why building a learning culture is key

Location: Copenhagen


Birgitte Riis is an experienced Organizational Development & L&D leader. Birgitte is an expert with vast experience within organisational learning and in driving performance and culture changes in fast-moving global environments. She works strategically with addressing the complex challenges in the 21st Century people growth and is an expert in breaking down strategy and business goals into concrete actions. 

She is an ambitious, persistent and determined leader and team player who takes pride in building high performing teams rooted in collaboration, empowerment, curiosity, creativity, agility and trust.

What you will experience: 

  • Inspiration for aligning learning with corporate strategy 

  • How to involve and engage internal and external stakeholders in creating a strong learning culture 

  • Examples from Birgitte Riis’ experience in managing learning and people development 

  • Insight into the role of technology for delivering learning outcome

16. DECEMBER 2021

Topic: Digital learning ecosystems – experiences from building one

Location: Copenhagen

Aske Arildsen, Sr. Digital Learning Consultant at Arla Foods, is responsible for the digital learning initiatives across Arla Foods. Hereunder, for the building, rollout and maintenance of the digital learning ecosystem. 


Aske is working in close conjunction with the strategy development and change management team to ensure that learning is aligned with the learners' current state and vision. 

What you will experience: 

  • Inspiration on how to get started with building a learning ecosystem 

  • How to involve relevant corporate functions in shaping the learning agenda 

  • Considerations in using technology to design and re-design learning 

  • How to manage vendor relations and maximizing impact of this relations



17. FEBRUARY 2022


Topic: Inspired, included & involved how to boost employee engagement

Location: Copenhagen


Roar V. Bovim, CEO & Founder at Livingroom Analytics, has a strategic aim to inspire and facilitate thriving and productive teams. Roar has during recent years been deeply interested in developing thriving business communities. Utilising research, Big Data and AI, the Livingroom Analytics cloud software solution enables companies to work smarter, healthier and outperform others.


Roar brings a diverse background as a Consultant, Researcher and Entrepreneur. 

What you will experience: 

  • Inspiration on how to inspire, include and involve employees for an engaging work culture 

  • How to create a culture of inclusion using employee feedback 

  • Considering how to use data in conversational concepts to support people development 

  • Creating the right dashboards for management information 

The programme will be updated continuously


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A 'CopenX Network group' membership is pre-subscribed and covers 4 meetings and the CopenX Summit. We prioritise quality and learning in our network groups. The meetings are confidential and no information is passed on to a third party.