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The war for talent is raging. The companies that are able to attract, maintain and develop talent in sustainable ways are going to win. In the fast-moving knowledge economy and global markets, the price for talent is highly competitive. This involves many more build-or-hire decisions for modern companies. 


Today companies to a larger extent have to develop in-house talent. Navigating the new skills agenda entails an in-depth understanding of learning and the role of technology for business including specialized professional competencies, people and social skills. Innovation and having the right mindset to carry it out will set you apart from the competition.   

The future of learning in companies is a shared responsibility but L&D plays a central role. The whole organization is accountable for the corporate learning culture. Getting the job done and preparing for the future at the same time, will continue to be the main task for learning in any organization. 

Learning & Development has for too long consisted of classroom training, expensive MBA’s, e-learning, corporate academies etc. Future learning will be more social, more distributed, more complex and with the goal of creating impact. We see it happen in the most forward-thinking organizations now. 


This network is primarily for HR-decision makers and practitioners of learning, organizational development, leadership training, change management and people analytics. The purpose is informal knowledge-sharing that leads to better understanding, decisions and action with regards to how organizations grow, develop and achieve their goals.




The network is hosted by CopenX and facilitated by Mathias Lund Schjøtz. We will support you in your development and networking with other corporate learning professionals.  

Mathias Lund Schjøtz has a background in journalism and the media industry but turned to corporate learning and development. For the past 5 years, he worked his way through learning technology, edtech and leadership. Using this experience to consult, sell and implement learning. He is working closely with some of the best minds in technology, the science of education and business. Among his projects has been working with DTU on improving workplace learning and higher education more broadly.


Mathias combines entrepreneurship, consulting and research within learning and he is part of the Board of Edtech Denmark which he co-founded in 2018.




Simulation training in VR

Kristian Andreasen, CEO, Kanda

At this meeting we will look at how immersive technologies can drive future training and simulation by enabling real-time interaction with real-case scenarios, it allows users to get a 1:1 experience as in real life.

Mayes – redigeret.png
Blockchain & ressourceoptimering
Mayes Ali, Teknologichef, ConTech Lab, Molio
Ole Berard, Digitaliseringschef, Molio

På dette netværksmøde kan du møde Teknologichef Mayes Ali & Digitaliseringschef Ole Berard,, som begge er tilknyttet Molios  udviklingsplatform ConTech Lab.


På dette møde går vi i dybden med Molios innovative blockchain-projekter,  hvilket fordele der ligger i teknologien fra et byggeriperspektiv, samt hvordan du som virksomhed konkret går til blockchain-teknologien.

Oplægget vil blandt andet komme ind på, hvordan blockchain kan hjælpe til effektivisere ressourceforbruget og reducere spild på byggepladsen.

The interplay between people analytics and L&D
Søren Kold, Director, People Analytics, The Lego Group 
At this meeting you will experience the value of gaining insights into employee learning journeys, drivers of performance, employee behavior and the link to business value, and translating findings to decision-makers to initiate important organizational change with a clear focus on L&D-roles in this regard. You will have the opportunity to work with your own company's issues and get sparring on challenges related to working with people and learning data.

Learning & development practices at BDO

Sonny Moric, Director, Learning & Development, BDO

In this session, we will hear about the following topics:

  • Leadership training & LMS

  • Moving into the Modern Classroom

  • How to use and get great benefits of LMS-systems - share our journey with implementing modern LMS and to tell how we are using the system to increase our digital learning platform. 

Jakob Kaalund, head of training, SMC




In each meeting, we will facilitate a workshop to enable knowledge-sharing between the members. In doing so, we ask 2 -3 members at each meeting to present a current problem they are facing - a problem that is related to the theme of the meeting. After the case-presentation the group will be divided into smaller groups with each presenter, to identify possible solutions. The solutions will then be prioritised and selected by the presenter. 

We are using this method,  because it helps the presenter to widen their horizon in seeing solutions they are yet to know as well as get inspiration from other peers who might have faced a similar challenge. 



Present your case for your networking peers

Knowledge share and identify possible solutions for the presented case

Continue the conversations

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& Membership

Membership of a CopenX Network is subscribed in advance and covers 4 network meetings and the CopenX summit. We prioritize quality and learning in our network. The meetings are confidential and no information is passed on to third parties.


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