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Commercial Xcellence

“Companies with superior
commercial capabilities
outperform their peers in
margin and revenue growth”
The Why and the Xperience

Having worked with thousands of Start-ups through different kinds of collaborations, communities, network channels and partnerships (and having made the same mistake plenty of times ourselves), we’ve discovered that most start-ups prioritize
“coming up with a great idea” over identifying a market opportunity.

When your approach to entrepreneurship is an idea-first approach, you focus your energy on building the technology/tool/service that represents your idea so you can prove it “works.”

In contrast,
successful companies tend to be market-driven. While other entrepreneurs are busy trying to turn their ideas into products, market-driven companies focus on learning what the market wants before building that thing — whatever it is — specifically so they can sell it.

We love that your focus is on
building fantastic products!
At CopenX we have a commercial mindset and love the detail, preparation and strategy that comes with a good sale.

If you truly love focusing on your product development, then a partnership with CopenX can be the needed leverage
to become
a “market-driven entrepreneur”
The quick fiX

A Sales and growth strategy

Adding a CopenX consultant that implements the first steps and delivers sales.

A long-term journey with CopenX

We will initiate all of the above and in
addition to this, we will also:

Recruit a sales team for your company

Onboard and structure a smooth, well-performing sales


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