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We help businesses in their digital transformation and navigation through strategic dilemmas concerning implementation of new technology


... and many more!

Commercial Excellence

At CopenX Commercial Excellence we are passionate about the importance of close interaction between business and technology. In an ever-evolving world, it is critical to capitalize on opportunities for transformational growth, to optimize core business while exploring the new technological possibilities. 


We are helping businesses in their digital transformation and navigation through strategic dilemmas when it comes to implementing new technology, and how to find the right partners in the digital landscape – many, we already are involved with, due to our large network both nationally and internationally. 

CopenX is additionally working with tech start-ups/scale-ups by tuning the commercial engine for growth and taking them to market – quickly, so they can get the edge over their competitors and building up a strong customer base. We are experts in sales growth which depends highly on fine tuned processes and strong commercial leadership.

Commercial Excellence

Buzz in


The digital transformation is arguably the most radical change to our lives that has happened in recent times. Technology is an inevitable part of our practical lives, and it has a clear impact on everything we do and even how we speak. Many of us uses a ton of tech buzzwords without really understanding what they mean or stand for. The digital world is changing rapidly, and it can be difficult to follow and navigate in. 


Knowledge of and skills in the most important technologies are extremely relevant. But also the awareness of our own limits when it comes to new technology is important in order to make sure that managers in SMEs can make the strategically correct decisions.  

Therefore CopenX now launches a practical knowledge course for the SME decision maker, who is in control of the technological buzzwords - perhaps without fully knowing what they mean in practice.

"AI" - "Blockchain" - "VR" - buzzword ... buzzword ... buzzword

More info soon


CopenX is collaborating with leading VC-funds and investors in order to find the next big business investment opportunity. 


Your new AI sales coach. No more opinions!

With Donna, you will know exactly what your top performers do differently from others in the team based on data, not guesswork or subjective opinions from sales managers. Donna highlights specifically what each rep needs to talk about more often, and what to say less, in order to close more deals. This information is based on AI-developed best case speech patterns.


With insights from Donna, you can increase your team's B and C players with track-proven dialogue patterns from your A players.

Avi XR

Copenhagen Airport wanted to efficiently train employees to navigate the trafficked airfield, but access to the actual airfield is heavily restricted. Avi XR allows employees to train driving in the airfield and earn their recertification in a simulated model of the airport in virtual reality, free of real-life hazards. This proof of concept explores the potential of using VR for driver training, and is based on a virtual driving system developed by Kanda in cooperation with CopenX.

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